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Here you can find fabric that is available for a stitcher's needs. Or should that be wants ;-) ?

There is a lot of fabric products out.  New pre finished baby items such as bibs, towels and quilted blankets. A list with links to pictures is provided below.

**NEW**Aida Bibs
bibs come in small and large both 14 ct.and in several colors, Damask also has small and large in 11 ct. and comes in white only.

**NEW**Cottage Huck Bibs
Comes in one size, 8 ct. stitch and comes in 3 different colors

**NEW**Playtime Bears Set
This is an adorable trio (sold separately)that has matching quilted blanket, bib and towel.  Stitch ct. is 14 and comes in 4 different colors.

**NEW**Goose Bibs
This is the cutest bib with ducks on it.  Singe (ties around neck) or double (has front and back and slips over head)11 ct. and comes in 3 colors.

*NEW**Terry/Stitchband Bath Set
Hooded Towel & matching wash mitt.  16 ct. and comes in 4 different colors.  Also has matching bibs (sold separatly).

Please email me or call (509) 457-7886 for stitching area sizes and prices.