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There are so many different types of fabrics available.  They come in many stitch counts and colors.  This is a small list of what's available. If you don't find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to ask.

Fabric is sold by full yards, fat half and fat quarters .  The most common measurements of these cuts are:

 55" Width Fabric 
1 yard: 36" x 55"
1/2 yard: 36" x 27" or a fat half
1/4 yard: 18" x 27"  or a fat quarter
43" Width Fabric
1 yard: 36" x 43"
1/2 yard: 36" x 21" or a fat half
1/4 yard: 18" x  21"  or a fat quarter

And because of selling fabric in these cuts, there won't be waste so I can pass the savings on to my customers.
Your savings are already figured into the price list. Save 15% on full yards, 10% on a fat half and save 5% on fat quarters. Prices are rounded to the nearest .25

Always remember when you are trying to figure out how much fabric you need for your design, please allow 6" for both length and width sides for finishing.  This will ensure that you will have plenty of fabric for stretching and framing.

Enjoy looking around at all the different fabrics available and please bear with me as I get pages completed.




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